Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hereditary Princess Nefertiti.

Last weekend I did my make up as Hereditary Princess Nefertiti of Egypt for a school assignment.
The result as a sign of life.


Putting the make-up on was quite a hassle, because the eye liner dried way to slow and it itched like a motherfucker. Horrible! I had to redo it again, because we screwed it up. 

Leonore and Zahra came to help me and we took some time to make some pictures of the three of us. The pictures of me with my eyes closed are the ones where I still have to let my make-up dry.  

Eventually we got the make-up on all right and I felt like Nefertiti's make up was a drag version of the way in which I do my own make-up. Hysterical. So of course I had to do some drag faces.