Friday, May 18, 2012

you and your Bullshit are pushing me towards an explosion.

I am pissed. I have been working on one paper for 4 days now and I am still not done. Thing is: after this one, I still have three papers and 2 presentations awaiting me, all of which I did not yet start, because time is simply lacking. I don't know where uni is asking me to get all my time from, because I am definitely lost for it. I cannot believe that I am going through this for another year (I considered quitting, but then what am I going to do?); I just love to self-harm, I guess. AAAAARRGGGHHH!!

Because I did not have any concentration anymore, so I decided to . I threw some lipstick on my face to mask the fact that I have not been wearing make-up for days (it's just not worth it if you're sweating/free/don't give a fuck) and make a mini-series of pictures with my iPhone to give face to the frustration. It's all Instagram, because it's easy and I don't have the time to be all mervelous and be a free photographer anymore.

Adding to this, I am listening Guardrail by Bayside now, which sums up my current thoughts and feelings of frustration perfectly, both lyrical and musically. 
Don't worry though. I'll feel better again tomorrow. I need to drink a whole crate of beer then. It's gonna be interesting. 
I got to get back to the death right now. Let's just end it all (the paper). 

P.S. For all people who think this is still a fashion blog: I am wearing a vintage men's checkered shirt from Episode.