Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hereditary Princess Nefertiti.

Last weekend I did my make up as Hereditary Princess Nefertiti of Egypt for a school assignment.
The result as a sign of life.


Putting the make-up on was quite a hassle, because the eye liner dried way to slow and it itched like a motherfucker. Horrible! I had to redo it again, because we screwed it up. 

Leonore and Zahra came to help me and we took some time to make some pictures of the three of us. The pictures of me with my eyes closed are the ones where I still have to let my make-up dry.  

Eventually we got the make-up on all right and I felt like Nefertiti's make up was a drag version of the way in which I do my own make-up. Hysterical. So of course I had to do some drag faces.



Friday, June 01, 2012


Instagram makes you a lazy photographer. But on days like these I'd do nothing rather than go longboarding in parks and lie in the grass with music and a book.

My new music addiction is this, by the way (<< click link).
Alt-J or '∆' in short. Their album, An Awesome Wave, is amazing; one of the best I have heard in a really long time (probably because of their great, deep bass riffs) and I am really excited to go see them at Festival deBeschaving 30.06!


Friday, May 18, 2012

you and your Bullshit are pushing me towards an explosion.

I am pissed. I have been working on one paper for 4 days now and I am still not done. Thing is: after this one, I still have three papers and 2 presentations awaiting me, all of which I did not yet start, because time is simply lacking. I don't know where uni is asking me to get all my time from, because I am definitely lost for it. I cannot believe that I am going through this for another year (I considered quitting, but then what am I going to do?); I just love to self-harm, I guess. AAAAARRGGGHHH!!

Because I did not have any concentration anymore, so I decided to . I threw some lipstick on my face to mask the fact that I have not been wearing make-up for days (it's just not worth it if you're sweating/free/don't give a fuck) and make a mini-series of pictures with my iPhone to give face to the frustration. It's all Instagram, because it's easy and I don't have the time to be all mervelous and be a free photographer anymore.

Adding to this, I am listening Guardrail by Bayside now, which sums up my current thoughts and feelings of frustration perfectly, both lyrical and musically. 
Don't worry though. I'll feel better again tomorrow. I need to drink a whole crate of beer then. It's gonna be interesting. 
I got to get back to the death right now. Let's just end it all (the paper). 

P.S. For all people who think this is still a fashion blog: I am wearing a vintage men's checkered shirt from Episode.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Look who's back! Wow. It's been really long, so I'll easy you in with this post. Some items of H&M's Stop Aids Now line. I have never really understood the concept and I wonder how sincere it is, but I mean, the fashion is good! It's skulls and dias de los muertos, which is probably the most awesome holiday existing, and tribal, which I have not always liked, but since a year or so the simplistic, but beautiful graphics appeal to me a lot.
 I had a long and busy day today with a lot of traveling and organizing, so I'm pretty tired. Inbetween picking up sweaters for my running team from the printer and filling the parking meter at Prinsengracht, an editor for Elle Magazine asked me for my photograph to feature on for their Street Style section. I'm sure it's because I wore a hat. Everytime I have been photographed for a blog I have been wearing a hat; see for yourself. I could not find the blog of the first picture, so I photographed myself with the outfit. It was when I was out in Antwerp with Sophs. The second is from and you have seen it before on this blog.

Tomorrow I'm going to Ghent, to look at a film study at the School of Arts I might want to do after University College. Future plans! I am really excited to progress; onto the next step! Too bad I have another year of uni to go..

Well.., that's it. I'll try to upload more in the coming weeks, but I cannot guarantee anything. If I do upload something, it'll not be like this post, I guess. More like before.