Thursday, December 01, 2011

you didn't Have the decency to change the sheets.

Kind of had Loiter Squad last Tuesday night. We stayed inside, because of the rain, and people let me fuck up their properties. Good times.

1. Riley wanted the reversed cross on his denim jacket.
2. I did the stencil, he added his signature. Nobody will trace it back to me now.
3. R.T.F.M., I learned that from my dad. It's a thing. If you don't get it, fuck off.
4. My first stencil that is a little more tricky to design. I sprayed this on Henk's fridge and he liked it so much that he gave me permission to do his whole fridge. It's gonna be cool.

I also fucked over a lame peace sign H&M shirt on Friday. Made a statement against commodification of the sign by putting a reversed cross over it.

My collegue and friend Daria liked it, so I made her one, too. Now it looks like we're in a gang.

I am working on more stencil designs, kind of want it to become a fun thing: stencilling people's t-shirts and anything they want to have painted.

That's all I got right now. Although things are busy, I had a weekend of fun: festival + concert + International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. I'll upload the pictures later.