Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Buff proof.

Due to incoming winter, I have been a little down lately. What has given me great pleasure however, are the Loiter Squads my friends and I have been organizing . The concept comes down to go out on Monday nights drinking, trespassing, cycling, spray painting and coming home to candle light and a good stereo installation, playing nice tunes. It's outside creativity amongst good people. Yep, good times.
Henk, Robert and I have been taking pictures with our phones. Enjoy!

1. Max the German.
2. Residences + Henk.

3. Cycling.

4. Burning toilet paper.

5. Post Loiter #1.

Last Monday we first went to a creepy café, where I was the only girl amongst a lot of pod smoking, illigal DVD selling, old dudes: hilarious.

6. Riley being depressed all night. Did not go out to spray paint.
7. Poopoo platter.
8. George holding Riley's hairy penis.
9. Felix' #turd sticker.
10. Special K.
11. Kapte.
12. Nobody knows what this means.

Here are some of our creations. They are not amazing, but (for me) it's all about the act of doing, rahter than the outcome. The results are sometimes pretty cool, too. Our pride of last Monday must be the Golden Manwolf Wastebin, made by Max and Robert. That thing is buff proof now.

13. Mine (kind of obvious, but it's like they want you to do it).
14. Mine.
15. Felix's.
16. Henk's.
17. Golden Manwolf Wastebin: Max/Robert collab. Not done yet here, pictures will follow.
18. German & water.
19. Mine (got a better version in my room, on card board).

These are a lot of pictures. It's only from this Monday and the week before. I'll make a second post to show you some better pictures. Might even drop by on my way home from the doctor. I also really want to go to last week's places with my camera, because our we did not record that on film at all (only on tape, and that's not getting out).