Sunday, August 14, 2011


As I said before, I want to post my pictures of Roel and my roadtrip to Switzerland in series, considering the fact that I made so many pictures and there needs to be some kind of cohesion.

This is my first series. It's of our 2 hour visit to the Goetheanum in Dornach (near Basel), the head quarters of the Anthroposophy. I am currently still finding out about what anthroposophy actually is, but the building was very interesting. It was built in a very organic style, which created a feeling of rest, but also made you want to be productive. A very uncommon atmosphere, which probably needs to settle on you, in order for it to feel good. So the two hours Roel and I were there, it felt a bit restless, but still something comfortable oozed inbetween.

It's really hard to express this atmosphere in words. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves.

1. On the balcony of the Goetheanum, west side.
2. - 9. Details of the interior.
10. Me in Roel's sunglasses.

A next series will hopefully come soon.