Monday, August 01, 2011

back From the dead.

Back from my roadtrip to Switzerland with my buddy Roel. I had to be in Swiss for a family party, considering my aunt moved there a significant amount of years ago, stayed there ever since and had a family. She comes to the Netherlands a lot, but now it was our turn to travel East.

So, I took a car, picked up my friend and we started driving. Final destination: Einigen. A little town at the Lake of Thun. Before arriving there, Roel and I first stopped in Basel (kind of) and Bern, then went to Einigen where the whole family stayed in some kind of mansion/castle, and on our way back to the Netherlands we had lunch in Basel and resided two days in Cologne (I had been there before. You might remember it from these posts).

I will share more pictures of the journey, but this is part one. These pictures are a small overview of the journey and were all made with Roel's phone and I photoshopped them to make them more my taste.

1. Goetheanum (also, check out the slave man).
2. Bern, motherfucker.
3. Contemporary art censorship please! (Wearing Zara T, H&M shorts, ring and bracelet, Villagers bag, vintage bandana and Vans.)
4. Chateau Buijze.
5. Swiss tradition: grill sausages in nature.
6. CSI Einigen.
7. Home cow shizzle.
8. Only in Cologne.

I am (not so) secretly, very much in love with Bern and Cologne. I had both visited these cities before, but I just got over-excited when I returned last week. They both thrive on really good energies and I could feel that very well.

More pictures to come. I will make little series of different parts of the journey.