Saturday, July 16, 2011

Red wine. Black clothes. White russians. ♥

Drank wine with Astrid yesterday night, went to the Usual where we drank very expensive white russians and went to the Melkweg to dance on some good tunes from the Kill All Hipsters dance night. There were a lot of cool people, made friends with a Darwin Deez look-a-like and danced so, so, shamelessly. Woke up a little hung over this moring and had to work. My god. Not the best idea, but care. If you party hard, you have to work hard, too.

There's a lot of moustache going on here. I know, but it's kind of our thing. Don't you dare judging.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

the Infrastructure will collapse.

More pictures of St. Petersburg. I promised to put them up, so here they are. These pictures kind of resemble my mood today. It went from pretty alright to somewhat depressed. The clouded, but also restless, whirling skies embody it extremely well.

1. Chesme Church.
2. Peter and Paul Fortress.
3. St. Isaac's Cathedral.
4. Wires over the city.


feels just like It should.

1. Nice pants.
2. sure you can wear it like that.
3. AWESOME thights.

Sorry, I'm out of inspiration/not in a good place right now.
This is just some inspiration. I'm in desperate need of it.