Saturday, June 04, 2011

I'm So Waldo P. Emerson Jones.

Went to Antwerp yesterday with Sophie. We had an amazing time. First we did some shopping and I bought a ring I have wanted for a long time at Urban Outfitters, and saw a t-shirt that had seen on their website already (I am not a big fan of online shopping, because I really need to fit clothes. My body does not magically fit into everything), which I bought.

OU double finger cross ring; Truly Madly Deeply cross shirt; H&M corduroy shorts.

Yess, I love crosses. No, I am not gothic, nor am I Catholic.

After some more shopping, it became too hot, so Soph and I bought some crisps and smoothies and sat at the river bank of the Schelde, and had an amusing conversation with a Dutch Afghani, which was very entertaining. Around 7.30 we felt the desire for food and had sushi and sake (which I'll never drink again, because it is disgusting) and then left for an ice cream cone and the train.

When we arrived at Antwerp CS two girls asked us if they could take pictures of our outfits. They were from Amsterdam too and they have blog, but I forgot the name. So, Dutch street style blog and it is not where I was featured earlier. If you know some, please spam, 'cause I am curious about the pictures and with Antwerp CS in the background it was an amazing scenery! This is what I was wearing:

Wearing H&M skirt, bowler hat, studded bracelet, rings and vampire necklaces, River Island top, Vintage bag, UO double finger cross ring, Vans Era shoes.

Now I'm off to Astrid in Groningen to drink beer and party at the Night of Arts and Sciences. So psyched to see
Slagsmålsklubben live again. There is no better music to dance on: sooo haaaappyyyy! I mean, it's good under the shower, it is amazing live. Trust me on this one. ;)