Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm dead without a fuss.

A friend of mine took pictures of my look last weekend. I was wearing the red-blue cardigan because it was still a bit chilly outside and I like the blue, red, crème combination, but it didn't really belong to the essential look.

I also didn't really like the colours of this picture, so I edited the colours. I edited the other pictures, too, but that's just because I like the vintage feel of it.

Wearing: H&M dresses, faux leather jacket, tights, rings, studded bracelet and neck lace; Zara boots and big, black chuncky ring is Bijou Brigitte.

Yeah, I'm off doing busywork now, but I'll upload another outfit soon, since it's been a while. Peter and I went to Artis zoo yesterday, and he took some pictures of me and my clothes overthere. So...