Sunday, April 24, 2011

"curled up shoes", they keep repeating on the News.

Got featured on the Amsterdam Street Style weblog Damstyle together with my buddy Robert. Pictures where taken whilst hanging out at Vondelpark on one of the first sunny days in Amsterdam. It's still a little chilly, as you can read from my clothing: scarf, jacket and cardigan, but the sun already allowed me to wear my summery "straw" hat.

Wearing: Monki scarf, ONLY cardigan, H&M faux leather jacket, dresses, sunglasses, hat and bag (GOD, I'm addicted). Tights are Hema and got shredded over the course of time. Shoes (you don't see them) are from Zara.

Btw, wanna join the (informal) Whitest Boy/Girl Alive contest, competing against me? I guarantee you I'll win. I look so pale in the pictures and after a week of intense sunshine, I still do. I don't care though. I love having a porcelain, white skin, although I don't put any effort in preserving it in summer.
I do detest people who are always complaining how they did not get tanned in summer, although their skin colour has changed remarkably. Too much sunlight is not even good for your skin and honestly, I think that people whose tan looks like one of the Jersey Shore castmembers is rediculously ugly. What are your thoughts?