Sunday, April 24, 2011

i Love it all. So much I call: I want you back.

I created a cool playlist for the summer. Just put all of your Last Shadow Puppets songs, the Suckers' album and Local Natives' record in a playlist in iTunes and shuffle it. You can't go wrong with it because it expresses the happy and relaxed feeling of summer perfectly.
Let me give you a taste of it:

Suckers - A Mind I Knew.

Last Shadow Puppets - The Meeting Place.

Local Natives - Airplanes.



Leonore and I won the Inter-University College Tournament with our photographs. Here's my shot:

I am not sure, but I might have shown you this picture some years ago. It is my foot with my hard skin spontaneously peeling off. I though this was such a cool feature from mother nature that I had to take pictures of it and eventually it won this contest with the theme of 'transience'.
I am so happy, I never win anything.

Also, happy to announce that The Uncanny won the battle of the bands and that AUC actually won all the Arts categories. It's ironic, because our dean tries really hard to be a college specialized in Sciences, which is an idea that starts to show its cracks.


"curled up shoes", they keep repeating on the News.

Got featured on the Amsterdam Street Style weblog Damstyle together with my buddy Robert. Pictures where taken whilst hanging out at Vondelpark on one of the first sunny days in Amsterdam. It's still a little chilly, as you can read from my clothing: scarf, jacket and cardigan, but the sun already allowed me to wear my summery "straw" hat.

Wearing: Monki scarf, ONLY cardigan, H&M faux leather jacket, dresses, sunglasses, hat and bag (GOD, I'm addicted). Tights are Hema and got shredded over the course of time. Shoes (you don't see them) are from Zara.

Btw, wanna join the (informal) Whitest Boy/Girl Alive contest, competing against me? I guarantee you I'll win. I look so pale in the pictures and after a week of intense sunshine, I still do. I don't care though. I love having a porcelain, white skin, although I don't put any effort in preserving it in summer.
I do detest people who are always complaining how they did not get tanned in summer, although their skin colour has changed remarkably. Too much sunlight is not even good for your skin and honestly, I think that people whose tan looks like one of the Jersey Shore castmembers is rediculously ugly. What are your thoughts?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

we can make It work like this, like this.

How am I supposed to kick my H&M addiction when they sell rings like these? Omfg. Chuncky and obscene-ish. Also bought a faux-leather skirt. It's gonna be a rock'n'roll summer. Perfect.

Also, I rediscovered the Last Shadow Puppets. Music that is so perfect for the lovely weather we have going on in Amsterdam, right now.

LSP - In the Heat of the Morning (live).

Linked to this song, I found a Miles Kane & Alex Turner version of The Beatles I Want You (She's So Heavy). Amazing song as it was already, but this version is almost authentic! So cool.

LSP - I Want You (She's So Heavy).

That's it for now. Happy Eastern tomorrow. Make sure you realize the value of the life you live.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

all these things about me You never can tell.

I dip dyed my hair yesterday. I am happy with the result, although you can see very well it's not the work of a hair dresser, but whatever. I don't really care.
I am really curious to what my mum will say when she visits me on Sunday. She has always been very against me dyeing my hair any colour other than blonde, although she did like the result last time I dyed my hair brown (check out the pictures here).

Anyway, result of yesterday's dye session:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ladies of Cambridge.

Woo-pee! AUC chose one of my pictures to represent AUC in the Inter University College Tournament this Saturday. Hope I'm gonna be #winning.

I taught myself a cool, new "trick". I am shooting my pictures with my sunglasses in front of the lens. This summer in Hungary/Vienna I thought that the world looked so much better through my glasses, so now I gave my sunglasses to my camera. Eventually I want to find a filter in this colour, so that I don't have to be ailing with my glasses everytime.

This is the Artis library, partly property of my school. It's an old library, like the ones you see in movies. It's a very good working environment. I took this picture in the Artis Zoo this weekend.


she's only Seventeen, so she's probably not ready.

I feel like I am not posting enough music on my blog, so here is something. No new, hip stuff, just some powerful, motivating music for when I am sporting. It might help you, too. :)

So, last week I went to the gym. It was the first time in 5 years that I took up proper sporting again and it is going very well so far. I expected my stamina to be below 0, but I am actually doing pretty alright on the treadmill. I feel very good about myself getting off my responsible, lazy ass and doing healthy stuff.
I have found it very useful to make a upbeat, somewhat angry playlist. Let me play you some of my favorite running songs:

The Caesars - Jerk it Out.

Bayside - Rochambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors).

Arctic Monkeys - Cigarette Smoker Fiona.

Canterbury - Peace and Quiet.

For the rest, Blood Red Shoes and The Hives work very well and of course Drum'n'Bass like Quemists and The Prodigy are like heaven for my persistence.

Off now for some sporting with my girls!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm dead without a fuss.

A friend of mine took pictures of my look last weekend. I was wearing the red-blue cardigan because it was still a bit chilly outside and I like the blue, red, crème combination, but it didn't really belong to the essential look.

I also didn't really like the colours of this picture, so I edited the colours. I edited the other pictures, too, but that's just because I like the vintage feel of it.

Wearing: H&M dresses, faux leather jacket, tights, rings, studded bracelet and neck lace; Zara boots and big, black chuncky ring is Bijou Brigitte.

Yeah, I'm off doing busywork now, but I'll upload another outfit soon, since it's been a while. Peter and I went to Artis zoo yesterday, and he took some pictures of me and my clothes overthere. So...


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Can't you see I'm good? ♫

Was looking for shorts at ASOS and found some amazing outfits. Summer grunge! I think the model in the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th pictures is amazing. She looks like a hard core rock chick with great fashion taste. Love it!