Friday, March 11, 2011

you never Get the Chance to dream if you're never banged up.

I planned a last minute concert yesterday: Ponoka is releasing an album and two befriended bands are opening for them.
I know Ponoka from this song, which never bores me:

The befriended bands are Eins, Zwei Orchestra, and Silence is Sexy [a band I was rediculously fan of in secondary school; I think I visited 9 of their gigs in one year. I know, it's emberassing. I think they are still good, one of my favorite bands and definitely my favorite Dutch band].
Anyway, the guitarist in both bands played in Ponoka before. And both Silence is Sexy and Eins, Zwei Orchestra do two acoustic songs before Ponoka starts. The gig is in Ekko, a cool place in Utrecht, where I would often go, but I think I haven't been there in two years now.
So, time to take a trip in the time machine and visit my past. But better: I'm new and improved [that was sarcasm]. That's why I'm on the guest list tonight. ^^

On another note:
Some crappy Photobooth pictures of my outfit today. My mum bought me Desert Boots and I am very happy with them. They're classics, and for once, I have shoes in a different colour than black.

Dove T-shirt & skinnies - H&M || checkered shirt - TopShop || desert boots - Clarks.

And just saying: Sunday I am going to The Decemberists concert with my buddy Henk in Antwerp. We're making it a day out. I hope the weather in Belgium is as good as in Holland now [maybe warmer and with less wind?]. A photographic report will be filed as soon as I'm home.
Have a happy weekend!