Monday, March 14, 2011

and if You ever make it to ten you won't make it again.

This morning I came back from Antwerp. I went with my buddy Henk to Trix, a concert hall, to see the Decemberists live [in 1 hour they are playing in Amsterdam, but the gig was sold out before we knew it, so a city trip to Antwerp was inevitable]. Besides the partly chaotic public transport and the crappy, but very charming, baroque, hippie hostel (€12,- per night), our blistered feet and the 3,5 hours of sleep, it was so, so, so worth it! Besides the venue having great acoustics, the band was really talented; most members being able to multiple, uncommon instruments, and whenever front men Colin Meloy was not singing, he told funny stories or anecdotes or just fooled around with the rest of the band.
This concert definately goes into the records as [one of] the best concert[s] of 2011 [so far].

Me trying to find a way onto a WW2 bunk in the Stadspark of Antwerp. Made by Henk with my camera.

At the end of the concert, Henk and I bought the last two vinyl records of the last album The King is Dead.
My top 3 songs of the album:
1. Rox In The Box.
2. This Is Why We Fight.
3. Down By The Water.
They are all pretty upbeat and very folky [especially Rox In The Box & Down By The Water]. Besides January Hymn, the slower songs are good, but not very surprising.

Pictures will follow, although I doubt if they are good enough, just still need to edit them.