Wednesday, March 30, 2011

violent & Young.

The Uncanny.

© Bénine Louise Buijze


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we'll see the Bright and hollow sky. We'll see the stars that shine so bright.

OK, things are starting to get back to normal again. I just need to do one essay for Thursday and than I'll try to get back to blogging more.

I just finished a photoshoot with my friends who have a band together: The Uncanny, and I am actually happy with the results!
Here's a sneak peek for you guys.

More pictures will be online soon. In the meantime be sure to check out and like them on facebook. Also, they are playing their first gig at the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam on Saturday (April 2nd). Very exciting, so come and support!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

i've got the wit that My enemies lack.

Cleaning my desktop. Some fashion inspiration.

Sources: Trini-G, Olsen Anonymous, Knightcat.

God, I'm so busy with school. I have not even had time to upload the pictures of Decemberists in Antwerp. Sorry.
I'm off to buy an oven now.


Monday, March 14, 2011

and if You ever make it to ten you won't make it again.

This morning I came back from Antwerp. I went with my buddy Henk to Trix, a concert hall, to see the Decemberists live [in 1 hour they are playing in Amsterdam, but the gig was sold out before we knew it, so a city trip to Antwerp was inevitable]. Besides the partly chaotic public transport and the crappy, but very charming, baroque, hippie hostel (€12,- per night), our blistered feet and the 3,5 hours of sleep, it was so, so, so worth it! Besides the venue having great acoustics, the band was really talented; most members being able to multiple, uncommon instruments, and whenever front men Colin Meloy was not singing, he told funny stories or anecdotes or just fooled around with the rest of the band.
This concert definately goes into the records as [one of] the best concert[s] of 2011 [so far].

Me trying to find a way onto a WW2 bunk in the Stadspark of Antwerp. Made by Henk with my camera.

At the end of the concert, Henk and I bought the last two vinyl records of the last album The King is Dead.
My top 3 songs of the album:
1. Rox In The Box.
2. This Is Why We Fight.
3. Down By The Water.
They are all pretty upbeat and very folky [especially Rox In The Box & Down By The Water]. Besides January Hymn, the slower songs are good, but not very surprising.

Pictures will follow, although I doubt if they are good enough, just still need to edit them.

Friday, March 11, 2011

you never Get the Chance to dream if you're never banged up.

I planned a last minute concert yesterday: Ponoka is releasing an album and two befriended bands are opening for them.
I know Ponoka from this song, which never bores me:

The befriended bands are Eins, Zwei Orchestra, and Silence is Sexy [a band I was rediculously fan of in secondary school; I think I visited 9 of their gigs in one year. I know, it's emberassing. I think they are still good, one of my favorite bands and definitely my favorite Dutch band].
Anyway, the guitarist in both bands played in Ponoka before. And both Silence is Sexy and Eins, Zwei Orchestra do two acoustic songs before Ponoka starts. The gig is in Ekko, a cool place in Utrecht, where I would often go, but I think I haven't been there in two years now.
So, time to take a trip in the time machine and visit my past. But better: I'm new and improved [that was sarcasm]. That's why I'm on the guest list tonight. ^^

On another note:
Some crappy Photobooth pictures of my outfit today. My mum bought me Desert Boots and I am very happy with them. They're classics, and for once, I have shoes in a different colour than black.

Dove T-shirt & skinnies - H&M || checkered shirt - TopShop || desert boots - Clarks.

And just saying: Sunday I am going to The Decemberists concert with my buddy Henk in Antwerp. We're making it a day out. I hope the weather in Belgium is as good as in Holland now [maybe warmer and with less wind?]. A photographic report will be filed as soon as I'm home.
Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

what do You feel, when you let go of the Wheel?

I started an intense, melancholic post just now, but I decided to quit the whining, because besides it being worthy to me, aesthetically, it was worthless. And I figure people read blogs for their aesthetics. Moreover, I have a diary for whining.

So, change of plans: quick outfit post.
This one's from some weeks ago, made with Photobooth. It's my whipped cream dress.

Dress - H&M || hoodie - Bayside merchandise.

And this one is made last week.

Skirt - Monki || shirt - H&M || cardigan - America Today || shoes - Vans.


Monday, March 07, 2011

black clouds are following you, But they'll drift away.

Find out what song this sentence is from:

"Taking a ride on a subway train to feel more alive when you get back out again."

I think it is a beautiful sentence, a mood described so skillfully.
It's a lovely song, too.

Besides school, this is the fun stuff I have been doing lately: hanging out in Robert's room, listening to the rehearsal of my friend's band, listen to good bands on vinyl and have discussions about 'potential'.

1. Robert, Cäcilie.
2. Lamp.
3. Lamp.
4. Robert + his flash.
5. What we listen to and what we mock [Robert got the book of Mormon from some girls at the Vondelpark].
6. Riley.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

It's my birthday and I am celebrating with the most amazing people.

Pictures are to follow.