Wednesday, September 01, 2010

yeah, you've been Nighttiming baby.

I picked up my pictures from our road trip to Sziget today and I must say, there are quite some good ones.
Analogue baby, analogue! <3

1. Mátyás Templom reflected in the Hilton hotel.
2. Sheet music inside Mátyás Templom.
3. Library in a castle in Keszthely, near the Balaton lake.
4. Sundown on Balaton lake.
5. Me in the ferris wheel in Prater, Vienna.
6. Travel mates [Gijs, Peter, Haico] on the camping in Vienna.
7. Karlskirche reflected in the water.
8. Donau as seen from the underground in Vienna.
9. Random street in Budapest.

Yes. That really came out of my cheap Pentax camera. I am extremely happy with the results! More to come.