Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's true.

It's true. I really love coffee.
And I need it, because I have to make a dead line for my Text & Artefacts class. It's interesting, but it requires hard work.
Sorry for the lack of posts guys. I haven't really done anything interesting, made any good pictures or wore anything I really want to show you...
Don't worry, it will all come back to me!
By the way, I did make a Lookbook account. I am still a little ashamed of it, so when I am ready I will post a link. ;P

Friday, September 24, 2010

i'm such a mensch in My clothes, but my plans are criminal.

Wednesday Amsterdam University College [AUC] celebrated its first birthday, the so-called 'Dies Natalis' [which is a fancy, Latin word for birthday/Geburtstag/anniversaire. Yes, I speak my languages well]. There was a formal dress code, so [almost] everybody dressed up très chique.
It was really nice and some friends and I decided that we should have formal Fridays, instead of casual Fridays.

Anyway, it was a good opportunity to wear my dress that I bought in Toulouse last June.
I wasn't really sure how to wear it, but I ended up with the tights and the highest heels [2nd picture].

Dress - Criminal Damage//bag - Pieces//rings and hair bow - h&m//shoes, left - ??//shoes, right - New Look.


Friday, September 17, 2010

and if the People stare, then the people stare.

Oh, I really don't know and I really don't care.

Shirt - Monki//skirt - Vero Moda//shoes - vintage//belt - h&m.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

your love's like Rhinestones falling from the sky.

I am sitting. Sitting down. Just sitting. And listening.
Listening. Just listening.
Once in a while I stop, and just stare into an imaginary distance.
Occasionally I open the window and get soaked by the rain.
I slowly let the time flow by.
Drip. Drop. Drip. Just like tiny droplets.

It's that time of year again.

crimson and Clover. Over and over.

Again I took the bathing suit as a basis for my outfit. It's my favorite combination so far.

Bathing suit, head band & rings - H&M || Cardigan - Only || trousers - mango || belt - vintage || shoes - Vans || scarf - Monki!

I am so in love with my Monki scarf. I don't think I have ever owned such a perfect scarf! It's big, it's warm, it doesn't itch (!) and it has a Scottish check. It's the best. :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm just wasting time and Space.

This is a preview of my third combination with my bathing suit.
And I thought it was an appropriate picture for the time of year, since the weather in Amsterdam is starting to show the first signs of fall. All I want to do is sit inside and sip from a big mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate.
Oh, how I love fall.

Oh, and the new Ting Tings song is pretty nice. The video is enabled to enclose it in blogs, so check it out here.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

gonna Take a trip and multiply.

So here are the pictures from the fitting rooms at Monki. It's rediculous, I'm on every picture, but it was so hard to avoid it, since there were mirrors everywhere!

The store itself was amazing as well. Everything is just so different from the average clothing store. And as for the collection: I knew Monki was cool, but I forgot what good quality the clothes are made of and how fresh the designs were. It is really refreshing to have such a store in Amsterdam!

you would look A little better, don't you know, If you just wore less make up.

Quick post on what I wore today and yesterday. I took my bathing suit as a basis. Today I was wearing it with a skirt [and a long cardigan].

And yesterday I wore it with my harem pants [and a blazer].

All clothes are from H&M.

I know what you're thinking, I don't look happy on the pictures, but believe me: I am happy! I just took these pics early in the morning and mornings are never happy to me. Haha!

I also went to the new Monki store in Amsterdam and took some awesome pictures there! Their fitting rooms are craaaazy! Very much above average! More about that in the next post. Now I'm going to eat pizza with my friends!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

yeah, you've been Nighttiming baby.

I picked up my pictures from our road trip to Sziget today and I must say, there are quite some good ones.
Analogue baby, analogue! <3

1. Mátyás Templom reflected in the Hilton hotel.
2. Sheet music inside Mátyás Templom.
3. Library in a castle in Keszthely, near the Balaton lake.
4. Sundown on Balaton lake.
5. Me in the ferris wheel in Prater, Vienna.
6. Travel mates [Gijs, Peter, Haico] on the camping in Vienna.
7. Karlskirche reflected in the water.
8. Donau as seen from the underground in Vienna.
9. Random street in Budapest.

Yes. That really came out of my cheap Pentax camera. I am extremely happy with the results! More to come.