Sunday, June 06, 2010

don't be scared, we think you'll settle in Just fine.

I went to Amsterdam yesterday. It was the first time back in my beloved city since I moved and it was soooo nice to be back!
I went to a debate conpetition Niels organized to support him and to meet with Nicole. It was really nice to see her again. We didn't see many debates, but caught up with each other. :)
Then, around three I met up with Peter and his friends Tim, Nickey and Julia to go to Powerfest, a one-day festival in de Melkweg [The Milkyway] with a lot of poppunk and sort alike bands. I didn't know anything, but it was a great day and was pleasantly surprised with the music.

Since I only took my analogue camera I cannot show you any pictures I made yet, so I stole this picture from Nickey's twitter [I showed you pictures of her before in this post] and edited it.

Also, Julia took a lot of pictures and will upload her pictures on facebook anytime soon, so I will steal them, too and put them on this blog.
You just wait. ^^

Oh, and I loved this band! They looked so young and cute, but their music is definitely not.
Canterbury - Set You Right.