Thursday, May 27, 2010

And you can find it in a heartbeat, and leave it tangled in the bed sheets.

So here it is: the first picture from my trip to Cologne (Köln). It's the famous Dom and it's extremely massive! I made this with my Pentax camera, which I showed you previously in this [click] post.

Though it is analogue, it honestly takes better pictures than our Nikon Coolpix [the infamous crappy cam]. No, it is not as compact as the Nikon and you cannot make tons of pictures, let alone see them immediately, but the average quality is SO much better! Also, some concert pictures I made turned out surprisingly well, so I guess it's gonna be a standard item in my purse from now on. If I only had money to buy a new film...
Anyway: analogue is the future, I'm telling you. ;)

More [analogue] pictures to come anytime soon! I also picked up new fisheye pictures. Nice, huh?