Thursday, May 06, 2010

please don't bother tryin' to find her, She's not there.

I am so busy it's not even funny, but I do like it though.
I haven't seen/photoshopped my picuteres from Cologne yet and I still need to do some serious Queensday and Liberationday blog anytime soon.

Just a quick scoop: I am back with the parents' again. I am living in the middle of nowhere for about a week now, though I slept at home for just two nights.
I realized this morning while showering that I have been in 4 different showers within 8 days. Brilliant!

Well, my life is still packed in boxes and bags, so the plan is to unpack everything tonight. It's not very much, luckily.

Sooooooo... Yeah. I am quite busy, so here are two quick pictures [made while waiting at the bus stop] of what I was wearing today. I felt so spring-ish!

Skirt, shirt, sweatshirt & sunglasses - h&m||bag - pieces||grey scarf - ?||shoes - converse all stars||white scarf (on my bag) Amnesty International.