Monday, May 17, 2010

I've been going down, down Into the river, baby.

It's been a busy but fun weekend. Thursday Peter and I decided to spend some "alone time" by strolling through the woods, like we did on our first and second date.
We didn't seem to be so alone after all, because mum insisted that I'd take the dog to the woods. So I ended up cycling 15 km. with Zohra (equals 15 kilograms) in the basket to the woods, spended 4 hours walking there only to cycle 15 kilometers back home. Luckily without the dog this time. Peter took her by bus.

Sunday I made pictures for a contest with Astrid, Silke and Peter. They are gonna be awesome. I am very sure we have a fair chance of winning.
When the competition is closed, I will upload the pictures. Prepare to be blown away. :)

So, for now I just have a little Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen inspiration.

Source: Olsen Anonymous.