Saturday, May 29, 2010

to know her now and see this side. feel her fires Come alive.

More Lomography fisheye.
Blossom in the Westerpark, Amsterdam. I love it when the trees are full with the little blossom flowers.
&I wish it would stop raining.

I have listened this song 18 times already today [no kidding]. It's perfect. And the video is oh so cute.

Blaudzun - Loveliesbleeding.


I quit for cheering the squad. You were wrong.

Yesterday night, in bed, I realised that I haven't visited Amsterdam for a month now and I actually miss it. Fortunately I was accepted by Amsterdam University College [for everybody who didn't know yet], so from September Amsterdam will be my home base again. And I will start my dream study. Yay!

Here are some pictures [made with my analogue fisheye camera] from my favorite Dutch city.

1. Made after my AUC interview.
2. A day before my interview.
A shop window full of Delftware, in north west Amsterdam with Julia.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

And you can find it in a heartbeat, and leave it tangled in the bed sheets.

So here it is: the first picture from my trip to Cologne (Köln). It's the famous Dom and it's extremely massive! I made this with my Pentax camera, which I showed you previously in this [click] post.

Though it is analogue, it honestly takes better pictures than our Nikon Coolpix [the infamous crappy cam]. No, it is not as compact as the Nikon and you cannot make tons of pictures, let alone see them immediately, but the average quality is SO much better! Also, some concert pictures I made turned out surprisingly well, so I guess it's gonna be a standard item in my purse from now on. If I only had money to buy a new film...
Anyway: analogue is the future, I'm telling you. ;)

More [analogue] pictures to come anytime soon! I also picked up new fisheye pictures. Nice, huh?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

they Won't eat us, though.

Picture found here.
Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm busy with re-painting my desk.
For the rest, my brain is never quiet, but currently it is very focussed on making an Ode to Amsterdam. It's going to appear on paper very soon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

take a look, take a deep breath and reflect.

I'm telling you: not much good is going on in Thailand lately.
I found this beautiful picture though; it must really resemble the recent mood/atmosphere of Bangkok very well.
This is my way of reflecting on the recent events.

Source here. Also more (beautiful) picture.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I've been going down, down Into the river, baby.

It's been a busy but fun weekend. Thursday Peter and I decided to spend some "alone time" by strolling through the woods, like we did on our first and second date.
We didn't seem to be so alone after all, because mum insisted that I'd take the dog to the woods. So I ended up cycling 15 km. with Zohra (equals 15 kilograms) in the basket to the woods, spended 4 hours walking there only to cycle 15 kilometers back home. Luckily without the dog this time. Peter took her by bus.

Sunday I made pictures for a contest with Astrid, Silke and Peter. They are gonna be awesome. I am very sure we have a fair chance of winning.
When the competition is closed, I will upload the pictures. Prepare to be blown away. :)

So, for now I just have a little Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen inspiration.

Source: Olsen Anonymous.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

restless hearts on a Sunshine parade.

So, finally, almost a week later, here are my pictures of Liberation Day [May 5th] 2010.
I went to Park Transwijk in Utrecht with Astrid-Elisabeth to see some good concert [this years' line-up was really good!] and have a lot of fun.

We've seen concerts of Junkie XL [best kick-off at a festival ever], Drive Like Maria [pleasant surprise], Gotcha! Allstars [another good surprise. Very festive, kept the party going] and Blaudzun [B-E-A-UTIFUL. Of course. His records are great already, but his music is the best when played live].
Here are some pictures of the artists in the same order as I wrote above.

And here are some pictures to give you an impression of the overall atmosphere of the festival. At least from my perspective.

There was an awesome pit at Drive Like Maria. Astrid and I were cool about it though..

Hope you all had a great 5th of May as well!


Thursday, May 06, 2010


OK. So the Queensday pictures were sorted out really fast after all.
I can only say that I very intensely hate Queensday and that I was hoping to celebrate it with lovely people, but we could not find them. So Peter and I ended up squeezing through masses of drunk, in orange covered people avoiding pools of beer and vomit. It was the worst Queensday ever.

Eventually we met with Nicole and Niels and we had a nice time after all.
Thank fucking God!

And I'm sorry for the pictures. They are hideous. I took the crappycam, so I wasn't expecting any good pictures, but I do like the picture of Niels and Nicole. It turned out really well, to my surprise. Yay!


please don't bother tryin' to find her, She's not there.

I am so busy it's not even funny, but I do like it though.
I haven't seen/photoshopped my picuteres from Cologne yet and I still need to do some serious Queensday and Liberationday blog anytime soon.

Just a quick scoop: I am back with the parents' again. I am living in the middle of nowhere for about a week now, though I slept at home for just two nights.
I realized this morning while showering that I have been in 4 different showers within 8 days. Brilliant!

Well, my life is still packed in boxes and bags, so the plan is to unpack everything tonight. It's not very much, luckily.

Sooooooo... Yeah. I am quite busy, so here are two quick pictures [made while waiting at the bus stop] of what I was wearing today. I felt so spring-ish!

Skirt, shirt, sweatshirt & sunglasses - h&m||bag - pieces||grey scarf - ?||shoes - converse all stars||white scarf (on my bag) Amnesty International.