Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the way you move ain't Fair, you know.

I'm in love with BritPop and indie music. Sometimes I nibble on a little bit of alternative music as well [I hear songs at Peter's place and remember them so I can play them at home] and I have a soft spot for certain R&B songs [like this one]. Also, I eat pretty much any jazz record my friend Florean lends me [from all his albums, he knows the stuff I like] and I love going crazy on some good Drum'n'bass.

I am reading a newspaper a day and watching the 8 o'clock news the following morning, but I do it every day. I love reading literature, but I have enjoyed the GG books as well.
I watch America's Next Top Model and I watch documentaries.
And even though I love learning, I took this year off.

In the Netherlands we have this thing called the 'hokjesgeest', freely translated the 'shed spirit'. It means that we put a label on everything and everybody [and put it in its shed], myself included. I don't have any trouble categorizing people that way, first time I meet them. It's easy. My view of people I will get to know better will change, eventually.

Something I think about a lot is about categorizing myself. And my findings are the following: I DON'T HAVE A LABEL!!
This might sound weird and unnecessary, but like I said before: labeling is easy.
It feels like you belong to something when you can label yourself... Define yourself. It's like you don't have to explain yourself, but I always need to explain myself.

I'm not unhappy or having an identity crisis or so, but once in a while, when this thought is popping into my head, I feel like a little bit of skin is showing and needs to be covered. Honestly, I think I don't have a label. That doesn't mean that I'm extra special, because on all the people I know really well, I cannot put a label either.

So I don't have a label.. What I do have is a lovely boyfriend, crazy, cool, awesome parents, even more freaking awesome friends, a brain, life experience and passions and interests.
I read the papers, tabloids, novels I want to read. I listen to whatever music makes me happy, might be indie, might be mainstream, or even when music doesn't make me happy, I listen to it anyway. I watch wathever darn feel-good movie is on the telly or whatever documentary or news report is on.

I think reading, listening, watching the things you read, listen and watch to show a friction of who you really are.
I believe that what defines you is what's going on in your brain. Like this informal mini essay.
And this is even a teeny-tiny part of what is going on in my brain.
I'm always busy in my head. I might share it on this blog, I might just shout it out on facebook or I might talk with you about it, but most thoughts are only for me to proces and understand and will never see the light.

The following items are from me to share with you because they make me happy:

1: dublin streets.
2. YouTube. Train - Hey, Soul Sister.
3. Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK.