Thursday, April 01, 2010

I don't need anyone to be Salt & Pepper.

Say hello to my new hair. I dyed the back dark blonde/brown and highlighted all of my fringe. It looks good again and I am so happy with it.
Also, here is the garment I wore yesterday. The pictures are a bit dark, but I didn't have more time to take some good ones. But black clothes are hard to photograph anyway..
Never mind me in the pictures though, I was just having fun listening to Blood Red Shoes. Awesome music, especially to wake up with!

Wearing: Only Cardigan // H&M skinny jeans // Converse All Stars.

Also, I saw Tim Knol and Blaudzun last night in the old Trouw [the paper] building, which is now called 'club Trouw'. It was an awesome building and it inspired me to write a little about it. It felt good to write again, I hadn't done it in sooo long! Insane.
I will post it tomorrow or tonight or so on my blog. It is in Dutch though, so sorry to the foreign readers..!

Anyway, Tim Knol was straight out boring and incredibly average. Big bore [it was during Knol that I wrote a little and he was just my background music. Nothing more, nothing less].
But Blaudzun was beautiful! He really is one of my newest musical loves! His music has a sort of romantic, melancholic sound that hits me straight in the heart and makes me feel vulnerable.
Which for some reason, I really like..

Enjoy with me. This is his next single.
Blaudzun - Midnight Room [live at NachteGiel].