Friday, March 26, 2010

wiener dog, wiener dog, How did you get so long?

New Midnight Beast is a bit weak I think, but you can check it here anyway.
I much more like their Gonzo report for MTV Rocks.

The Midnight Beast - It's fashion, innit?

And via via I came across this skit, which is great in every way.

Parry Gripp - Young Girl Talking About Herself.

It is just so consise it's brilliant and made by a clever genius. He is making fun of people who regardlessly put stupid videos on Internet by making stupid, but clever songs about it and some of the videos are so brilliant!
From the performing artist I recommend:
- Dramatic Chipmunk
- Boogie Boogie Hedgehog
- Wiener Dog riding Skateboard.

So, in Parry Gripp's spirit we will continue: if you can sing this song along [especially the 'I was like, he was all'-part], record it with your webcam or something like that and post it anywhere so everybody can watch it and have a good laugh.
I dare you.


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