Monday, March 22, 2010

from Moskow they came.

Well, it's about time..!
I went to Paradiso to see Blood Red Shoes with Astrid on Wednesday. Though I lost Astrid at the first song in the pit, I had fun with some lovely gay guy and the concert was amaaaaazing!
Here is a video from the end of the show. Steven went crowdsurfing and after Astrid and I and some other people around us convinced Laura to go crowdsurfing, too. AND SHE DID! So sweet!

After the show Astrid and I went home, we drank a little more at my house and we gave each other our birthday presents. As gave me such a cool present. About half a year ago we went to a lecture together, and I lost my TopShop beanie [link, but mine was blue]. So she bought me a beanie, just like the one I lost. It's not from topman though, but that doesn't matter. I'm so happy with it!

&Here's a funny picture of me and Nick and Erik. It's not very charming or flattering, but rather brilliant! Nick would have eaten me, if he could. I love the kid to death!

So now I'm waiting for the next big thing to happen..

Llov&Peace on earth.

P.S. I lost my lomography fisheye camera. It sucks big, BIG time. It's purple with a Japanese koi on it. Has anyone seen it. I WANT IT BACK!!

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