Tuesday, March 09, 2010

and you have the best taste in this Whole damn place.

I woke up to these two songs this morning. Please listen them if you want your day to start/continue energetic.

Retirement by Kaiser Chiefs & Move like you're gonna die soon by Cobra Starship.
Enjoy. ^^

And this is what I wore yesterday:

Dress, shoes & scarf - h&m || grey scarf - O'Bleu || belt - vintage.

I've got this dress quite some time now. It's a warm dress, great for winter. Still, I haven't worn it this WHOLE ENTIRE season. Such a shame.. I will solemnly promise to wear it as long as the weather allows me to. So I'm wearing it today, too. ^^

Enough blabla about clothes. I'm tired and temporary braindead. Check out People of Walmart; loads and loads of hilarious people. Enough to keep you entertained for decades.

Lots of licks.

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