Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Doors open: 22.00
Concert starts: 22.30
Adress: Wibautstraat 131, Old Trouw building.
Entrance fee: €0,00 I'm on the guest list.

If you want to come with me, please text me: i've got no Internet acess the rest of the night.


Tim Knol:


Monday, March 29, 2010

late Bloomer.

I got my ears pierced today. Yay!
Gif Created on Make A Gif
Can't wait to get these basic studs out and put some bad ass earrings in. Six weeks until then!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

best Tattoo ever!

This is the most awesome tatoo I've ever seen. The notorious "Here's Johnnyyy!"-scene from the '70s thriller 'The Shining'.
Perhaps I'm getting this one, my parents will certainly approve on this one, since it is emotionally valuable for them. =P
Haha, no, just kidding. If I'm getting one, it'll be a little one.
Merry Sunday!


Friday, March 26, 2010

the Tune just popped into my head.

I love it when such things happen.

Blood Red Shoes - I Wish I Was Someone Better.

One of the things that makes life just a wee bit nicer.


wiener dog, wiener dog, How did you get so long?

New Midnight Beast is a bit weak I think, but you can check it here anyway.
I much more like their Gonzo report for MTV Rocks.

The Midnight Beast - It's fashion, innit?

And via via I came across this skit, which is great in every way.

Parry Gripp - Young Girl Talking About Herself.

It is just so consise it's brilliant and made by a clever genius. He is making fun of people who regardlessly put stupid videos on Internet by making stupid, but clever songs about it and some of the videos are so brilliant!
From the performing artist I recommend:
- Dramatic Chipmunk
- Boogie Boogie Hedgehog
- Wiener Dog riding Skateboard.

So, in Parry Gripp's spirit we will continue: if you can sing this song along [especially the 'I was like, he was all'-part], record it with your webcam or something like that and post it anywhere so everybody can watch it and have a good laugh.
I dare you.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this is no Umbrella to take into the wind.

I just came back from my NRC Academie photography lecture. It was quite interesting and some great photographers passed the review. Please enjoy with me.

1. By Robert Frank from the book 'The Americans'.
2. By Robert Frank
from the book 'The Americans'.
3. By Robert Capa during the Spanish Civil War.
4. By Willem Diepraam made on Aruba.


and the boys go On and on and on and on.

Yaaaay! Angus and Julia Stone's new album is out and you can listen it for a week on 'luisterpaal' at [link].
I love the new single!

Angus & Julia Stone - And The Boys. 


close your eyes and I'll kiss you; tomorrow I'll miss you.

Party pictures of me and Peter.

1. At Peter's dad's Birthday party.
2. At Niels' F*ck Winter, L*ve Summer party.

The Beatles - All My Loving [live].


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the minds' computer Will fuck the world up.

I found these pictures in this same order on the hard to explain blog. Just perfect.

I like to grap you by the hand And hang you up from the heavens.

I'm enjoying The Dead Weather's album Horehound. It's great for late hours like these..

&I'm just going through some weblogs and I stumbled upon this magazine page/outfit on knightcat. I don't know what it is [because the garment isn't super original. Rather classic..], but this image is just magical mystical to me. I like it a lot.
And the hair is superb!

I'm thinking of dying my hair orange/red or chocolate. But I don't think it will suit my skin. What do you all think???


Monday, March 22, 2010

from Moskow they came.

Well, it's about time..!
I went to Paradiso to see Blood Red Shoes with Astrid on Wednesday. Though I lost Astrid at the first song in the pit, I had fun with some lovely gay guy and the concert was amaaaaazing!
Here is a video from the end of the show. Steven went crowdsurfing and after Astrid and I and some other people around us convinced Laura to go crowdsurfing, too. AND SHE DID! So sweet!

After the show Astrid and I went home, we drank a little more at my house and we gave each other our birthday presents. As gave me such a cool present. About half a year ago we went to a lecture together, and I lost my TopShop beanie [link, but mine was blue]. So she bought me a beanie, just like the one I lost. It's not from topman though, but that doesn't matter. I'm so happy with it!

&Here's a funny picture of me and Nick and Erik. It's not very charming or flattering, but rather brilliant! Nick would have eaten me, if he could. I love the kid to death!

So now I'm waiting for the next big thing to happen..

Llov&Peace on earth.

P.S. I lost my lomography fisheye camera. It sucks big, BIG time. It's purple with a Japanese koi on it. Has anyone seen it. I WANT IT BACK!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

stop calling. I don't wanna talk anymore.

And another great song by Lady Gaga has been produced! She is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. hihi.
Anyway, watch the 10 minute-long video. It's aaaaaaaaaawesome. Good production, great locations, marvelous costumes. 100% Gaga. But it fits Beyoncé really well, too.

Have a good weekend. I know I will. (=

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

and you have the best taste in this Whole damn place.

I woke up to these two songs this morning. Please listen them if you want your day to start/continue energetic.

Retirement by Kaiser Chiefs & Move like you're gonna die soon by Cobra Starship.
Enjoy. ^^

And this is what I wore yesterday:

Dress, shoes & scarf - h&m || grey scarf - O'Bleu || belt - vintage.

I've got this dress quite some time now. It's a warm dress, great for winter. Still, I haven't worn it this WHOLE ENTIRE season. Such a shame.. I will solemnly promise to wear it as long as the weather allows me to. So I'm wearing it today, too. ^^

Enough blabla about clothes. I'm tired and temporary braindead. Check out People of Walmart; loads and loads of hilarious people. Enough to keep you entertained for decades.

Lots of licks.

have it your way, we'll have the Answers in a week.

I made these pictures last week at my photography course. I didn't really like them, so today at the course, we learned to use Adobe Photoshop a little bit. It came out quite nice.
Nice enough to show you guys. ;)

By the way, I received a birthday card from Australia today! Isn't that cool, huh? Maarten sent it to me, so sweet.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Monday, March 08, 2010

F*ck YEAH, tattoos!

There's this Tumblr page 'Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!' and I'm following it. People are posting the most awesome tattoos there! Here are some of the coolest:

Awesomeness, huh? ^^
I especially like the last one. But the one with the nintendo hearts is really cool as well.

I actually promised myself to get a tattoo when I would leave my parents house, but I still haven't one. No problem though; a tattoo is permanent. If I'm taking one, I want it to be a well concidered decision and a fitting design.
But first things first: I'm getting my ears pierced. I asked Peter to give it to me as a birthday present and I think I'm gonna do it in one or two weeks. Exciting!!

Llov&Peace on earth.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

if you wanna drink a Water then a river I'll be.

I loooooooooove this commercial. I wish I had such a machine by my side.

Axe Twist Commercial.

P.S. I am not a girl who gets bored easily. ;)

Monday, March 01, 2010

big rawrr. ♥

Peter looks so handsome in this picture I made yesterday.

we don't care anymore. we Just wanna get down on the floor.

NB. Thursday is my birthday. ^^

So I promised Cobra Starship pictures from Sunday the 21st.
I cannot stress enough how good they were and how much they exceeded my expectations.
The pictures are made by Nicole.
&Here they are:

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