Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i've never Ment it so much.

Aww. Stefan of The Midnight Beast with his other/previous band The Clik Clik. Though it's not very refreshing, it is actually a pretty nice song. And cute over all. I like it!

The Clik Clik - Did You Wrong.

I just came back from Werkhoven where I kind of celebrated Astrid's birthday. It was really nice. I saw some people that I hadn't seen for a while and I got to meet some friends of her, who were lovely, I thought. I had a really good time!
Also, I kind of discovered a new food: Pita Pizza [to be pronounced in German. Like pitah pizzah]. It basically comes down to this: the pizza bases were all sold out in the supermarket, so we bought some pita bread and used that as a base instead. And it was delicious!

So my plans for the coming days: tomorrow I'm going shopping for presents for mum, dad, Peter and Astrid with the lovely Nicole in my current home town: Amsterdam! I am really excited to see Nicole again. I haven't seen her in a while and we really need to catch up.
Thursday I will be celebrating that Peter and I are together for a year now. Friday I have my last time of therapy [polivervolggroep]. I'm really happy, but afterwards I will be evaluating my treatment and I think I will decide to go for individual conversations once or twice a month or so..
Saturday I'm going to the 'A Struggle for Peace' congress with my wonderful guy friend Nick. I think it will be very interesting and I am looking forward to it, very much!

And here are just a bunch of pictures I also made at 07.01.2010. I don't think they're good, but these dogs are just DARM GORGEOUS.
So, that's why.

Llov&Peace on earth.