Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm sick from the city; it Burns in my side.

No, I'm not, actually. It's just a song by the Veils.
Daddy and I went to their concert in Paradiso last Monday and it was so good!
Even the OOR wrote a good review! [Link.]

The band was so sympathetic and happy to be back in Paradiso. And it just dripped from their bodies, faces, words, music, etc that they were so grateful to be a band and play music for a living. It was so, SO nice to watch!

One time Finn Andrews [singer] took some time to build up tension and a wave of "ssh. Sssh! SSSSSSH! sssssh.." went through the crowd. That was great.

After a beautiful extra ['The Tide that Left and Never Came Back' and 'Lavinia' acoustic. Touching!] Finn came back on stage and did another, second extra!

Wow, what a great band and what a nice audience. All ingredients for a wonderful night! I expected it to be good, but it really topped my expectations!

If you were planning on going, but you didn't: buy your tickets already for their next concert, because it's tripple worth you money!

ph: The Veils myspace.

Here's what you missed [kind of, they mostly play non-acoustic]:

Llov&Peace on earth.