Friday, February 26, 2010

I got myself a cheap cheap CHEAP but working analogue camera!

And I'm so happy with it [obviously >> see gif animation below]! I went with my uncle Bram to his holiday house in Vinkeveen and afterwards we went to the Kringkoop. A second hand store with a great variety of products and a hot cashier boy. hihi.
Anyway, it was a great shop. Everything was cheap and in pretty good shape. I also bought two egg cups with 'good morning' on it. So cheezy, but only 15 cents, so I couldn't refuse [I like cheap things, didn't you notice].

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This weekend I'm going to work on my photography project with my lovely Peertje.♥
I don't say this often, but I have a great idea for a photo series and it's easy to execute, so I'm looking forward to the result!

Have a nice weekend!

i went to a party with Everyone dancing.

So here are some outfits I wore last week and the week before. Sorry for the quality, it's webcam quality. Didn't have time to do some good shots.

1st: cardigan, dress, scarf - h&m || jeans - ONLY || Shoes - Lime Light;
2nd: skirt, scarf & tights - h&m || pull over - HEMA.
3rd: hat & blouse - vintage || shorts & tights - h&m.
last picture: everything from h&m. The shirt & cardigan are new! =]

P.S. never [NEVER] mind my face. I just do that.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

hot pants!

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love.

Everything about this song is aweful, but it is my guilty pleasure.
And the outfits are to die for! I love them so, so, so much [except the sequin, tiger hoodie. That's just pure uglyness] if I would have all the money in the world I'd buy every single one of them.

Here is some inspiration for you!! Elle McPherson is wearing some lovely pants, Alexa Chung has skinny legs but a great sense of dressing, MK or Ashley has got her style together, just great, Audrina is simply chic and fluorecent pink pump soles are hot!

Source: altamira, the Skinny, Olsen Anonymous.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Never compeat. Never compare."

~ Karl Otto Lagerfeld.

i'm not street, but I do what I gotta do.

YEAH! Cobra Starship and Diesel Disko were so fucking awesome yesterday night!

Dude, party party to the max limit. I really don't know how to describe it. Like.., just dance 'till you drop, I guess.

I hope Nicole will send me or publish the pictures soon, so I can put them on my blog.
Untill then you'll have to do it with this picture from their MySpace and this song.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

all you Scary Souls bury your fun in Disko.

I am finally going to see Diesel Disko live, tonight. They are the support act for Cobra Starship, which was a very fortunate surprise for me, when I read it.
It's nice, but you should listen for yourself. ^^

Diesel Disko - Halloween.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new Fresh hip asian.

I love Asian culture.
This clip by Fan Death is looking so vintage and the music is a bit dark; it's amazing!

Fan Death - Reunited.

Llov&Peace on earth.
Peter gave me a stuffed kitten for Valentine, because I'm whining all the time that I want a cat so bad, later when I'm done studying and stuff.
I thanked him in an appropriate way in the photo below.
Sweet, huh?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

random thoughts:

1. Why doesn't tea with coffee flavour exist?
2. Why doesn't cat food with mouse flavour exist?

I'm sick from the city; it Burns in my side.

No, I'm not, actually. It's just a song by the Veils.
Daddy and I went to their concert in Paradiso last Monday and it was so good!
Even the OOR wrote a good review! [Link.]

The band was so sympathetic and happy to be back in Paradiso. And it just dripped from their bodies, faces, words, music, etc that they were so grateful to be a band and play music for a living. It was so, SO nice to watch!

One time Finn Andrews [singer] took some time to build up tension and a wave of "ssh. Sssh! SSSSSSH! sssssh.." went through the crowd. That was great.

After a beautiful extra ['The Tide that Left and Never Came Back' and 'Lavinia' acoustic. Touching!] Finn came back on stage and did another, second extra!

Wow, what a great band and what a nice audience. All ingredients for a wonderful night! I expected it to be good, but it really topped my expectations!

If you were planning on going, but you didn't: buy your tickets already for their next concert, because it's tripple worth you money!

ph: The Veils myspace.

Here's what you missed [kind of, they mostly play non-acoustic]:

Llov&Peace on earth.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i don't Know.

YEAAAAAH!! Tonight is't time for the concert I have been waiting for months to come: KASABIAN!!!!!! :D
I'm going with Astrid. Yay!
Here's a teaser for you guys.

Kasabian - Where Did All The Love Go?

I'm not going to make pictures, 'cuz I want to fully enjoy the concert.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

sheep films.

This is awesome. A great animation!

This weekend will be full of people [mum & dad, Peter, Peter's room mate & Nick and perhaps more to come]. I'm looking forward to it!
Oh yeah, and I need to do homework for my photography course, so I will have my camera on me 24/7. ^^

Llov&Peace on earth.

P.S. I went to the hairdresser. It's pretty short, shorter than I wanted to, but at least I have my lovely fringe back. (=

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i've never Ment it so much.

Aww. Stefan of The Midnight Beast with his other/previous band The Clik Clik. Though it's not very refreshing, it is actually a pretty nice song. And cute over all. I like it!

The Clik Clik - Did You Wrong.

I just came back from Werkhoven where I kind of celebrated Astrid's birthday. It was really nice. I saw some people that I hadn't seen for a while and I got to meet some friends of her, who were lovely, I thought. I had a really good time!
Also, I kind of discovered a new food: Pita Pizza [to be pronounced in German. Like pitah pizzah]. It basically comes down to this: the pizza bases were all sold out in the supermarket, so we bought some pita bread and used that as a base instead. And it was delicious!

So my plans for the coming days: tomorrow I'm going shopping for presents for mum, dad, Peter and Astrid with the lovely Nicole in my current home town: Amsterdam! I am really excited to see Nicole again. I haven't seen her in a while and we really need to catch up.
Thursday I will be celebrating that Peter and I are together for a year now. Friday I have my last time of therapy [polivervolggroep]. I'm really happy, but afterwards I will be evaluating my treatment and I think I will decide to go for individual conversations once or twice a month or so..
Saturday I'm going to the 'A Struggle for Peace' congress with my wonderful guy friend Nick. I think it will be very interesting and I am looking forward to it, very much!

And here are just a bunch of pictures I also made at 07.01.2010. I don't think they're good, but these dogs are just DARM GORGEOUS.
So, that's why.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Monday, February 01, 2010


I am in love with It's so funny to transform crappy webcam pictures into little films.

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ph: private

Hahaha. I just keep laughing, the longer I look at it. xD

good morning, Y'all.

It's on.