Thursday, December 17, 2009

'cuz I'm stuck forever. It's not very nice. yeah. Fuck forever.

Okaaaaaay. This is odd.
A random thing: I decide to see my parents after almost four weeks of living on my own. I get there, everything is nice and cozy [or as we Ducht call it: 'gezellig'].

The next morning, I wake up and there is snow EVERYWHERE. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely B-E-A-utiful, but now it's kind of impossible to escape from this hideous town that's called Eck en Wiel..

Anyhow, the only thing I can possibly do, is to make the best of it. So after lunch, I'm going to shoot some pictures of the snow and put them on this blog ASAP.

Smell ya laterrrr, bitches!

Oh, by the way, I'm cleaning up my desktop, so here are some celebs [and not-celebs] in nice garment..

Sources here & here.

Llov&Peace on earth.