Friday, November 06, 2009

get that needle in the Core, scratch that back and give me More.

I made these pictures last september. Peter was very tired the morning after we attended a concert of Slagsmalsklubben, so he lied-in. But I was wide awake and made pictures of him.

I was inspired by looking at Peter's back. His shoulder blades are very pointy and I find that fascinatingly beautiful.
Also, he has a lot of freckles on his back. I think it's absolutely adorable!
So here are the pictures:
I'm bringing freckle back.

Tomorrow I will be going to Amsterdam, to the Open Day of the Dutch Film & Television Academy. Seems interesting, so I'm just gonna look around. After the open day, I have all the time to do naughty things in Amsterdam. [=
Got to get Matta off a rainy bus stop now!

Llov&Peace on earth.