Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rub it like a mixture of Fire and Snow.

hi.. I lied. Didn't take my camera to the zoo.
I hope you'll enjoy this great picture instead.

Source: knigtcat.

It was a shame that I didn't take my cam, because I asked Wessel [a group mate] to take his cam and he actually did!
I was just afraid that I would get caught up in photography and lose the reason of being in Artis: getting to know our Group C a little bit better & outside the Orientation year-walls.

Anyhow, Artis was very great yesterday. We got a very nice tour and around 13.30 we had coffee and pie. :]
But most of all, I think we have a really awesome 'basisgroep' so it was just really nice to be there with everybody.

Around 13.45 everybody went home, because they had to do important things like having driving lessons and catching up on series, only to leave Liza [another basisgroep matie] and me all alone.
It was very nice, though. We saw a whole lot more than we had on the tour and just chilled for a while.
I had a supernice day, anyway!

Llov&Peace on earth.

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