Thursday, October 01, 2009

get born, get school, Get job, get Car, pay tax and find a wife.

Reverend & The Makers were pretty fucking cool Tuesday.
Pity, pity, but their 2nd album isn't very good so only half of the concert was good, actually.
Nah, kidding.. [not about the record though.., it's bad] The new songs are live better than on the record, so it was quite a good performance.
My dad and I danced the night away, anyway. :)
The pictures aren't very good. I took the crappy cam. It proved its name right again.. Gni.
Here are the acceptable ones:

Dad & I exhausted after the performance. We didn't have the energy nor the interest to see the little acoustic solo aftershow Jon McClure [The Rev] gave away afterwards. Outside, across Paradiso.
Besides, he did that on Lowlands, too..

I will be working on my "area investigation" [sectoronderzoek] at Peter's this weekend, so not much going on probably..
Perhaps I'll post some gross pictures of the hard skin that came off my feet today. Hihi.

Reverend & The Makers - 'Open Your Window' & 'The Machine' live @ Reading.

Llov&Peace on earth.

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