Wednesday, October 21, 2009

altamira NEW YORK CITY!

Less talking, more cleaning up desktop. Inspiration from Altamira's high view.

Julia Dunstall.
I'd love to have all of her clothes. She just looks bad ass. The ripped jeans are a real killer [in a positive way].

Jac Jagaciak.
Though I don't like her haircut, I would wear anything she's wearing. I even got the same shoes!Frida Gustavson.
Just nice, hip and sophisticated.

Dree Hemmingway: how to catch glances.
Can she look any greater? One way to describe this look: AWESOMENESS.

Frida Gustavsson (again! She's just always looking great. Any style fits on here and she is not afraid to experiment) & Dorothea Barth Jorgensen (r).
Model-spot blog altamiranyc is getting better and better. I think it's incredible how Craig knows the model's faces by heart. He must have (I'd almost say literally) a nose for it. And the models are dressing great. Such an inspiration. Too bad I have little money.

There's more to clean. My desktop is almost done [I can almost see my boyfriend through all the files and folders again], but when I'm done with it, I'll start on my closet. You can expect a sale anytime soon! :]

Llov&Peace on earth.

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