Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we need to raise the Death, we need to raise the people.

I have really been living beneath a stone last year concerning music. Now I finally have the time to catch up with all the musical shizzle and here are my findings and thoughts:

  • Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Though I can't quite remember the name, it is a fucking good album, ro! Really, it is as unbelievably good as their Lowlands Performance.
  • Lily Allen - It's not Me, It's You. Lovely record. She shows a more sensitive side of herself and that's really refreshing, though her 'fuck-the-world-mentality' is still very amusing and [in some songs] cleverly put.
  • Reverend & The Makers - A French Kiss In The Chaos. Don't get me wrong: I have really tried to listen to the record, but it just doesn't catch me..
  • Nina Kinert - Pets and Friends. Thanks Jessica & Astroid for broadening my horizon. Singer-songwriters aren't so bad when they are called Nina Kinert. Lovely album.
  • Pete Doherty - Grace/Wasteland. I haven't really listened carefully to it yet, but it sounds quite good so far.

And some inspiration from me to you.
Sources: Stil in Berlin,

Hmm.., leather jackets. I can't afford one, but I really like them. Certainly along with the checks.

Karla's closet,

Sophisticated and nice. I loooooooove the huuuuuuuge umbrella.


Shoes, skinny's, oversized top, long cardigan, everything. <3


Olsens Anonymous,

Olsen style just rocks. Oversized, long legs, long hair, heels, rocking accessories, lovely bag. I just cannot NOT like it.

Llov&Peace on earth.

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