Monday, September 28, 2009

dirty weekends bij the sea and Stains on sheets in B&Bs.

I spent this weekend in Zeeland/Sealand. One night in a house at the sea, the other night at my lovely aunt's place. It was the most amazing weekend.
On Saturday we baby sitted my 2 grand-nephews and on Sunday we visited my granny and took my cousin's boat and went sailing, ate ice cream and mussels.
It was a good weekend. I really needed to relax for a bit. Weeks are pretty hectic these days, I think [but hectic in a good way, I just have something to do everyday]..

This was the sunset Friday night. The little boy at the poles and the setting sun made me grap my camera. Then a little dog came and wanted me and Peter to play with him. The first cute Jack Russel I have ever seen.

Saturday morning Peter decided to jump into the frickin' cold water.
Damn, that was brave.

And Zohra was ready for a sunny day! :']

Tomorrow's Reverend & The Makeeeeeeeeeeeers!!! Party, party.
And I'm going to University College to do a bit of research. I'm introduced by Emily and I will be doing two classes: 'Introduction to Philosophy' and 'Political Theory', which I find very interesting.
I'll update you on everything!

Llov&Peace on earth.


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