Wednesday, September 09, 2009

a beautiful Green.

I harvested French beans today. From our own garden! Yay.
Man, I didn't even know we had French beans behind the house! =|

I'm not very good with plants and flowers and it doesn't lie within my interests either, so if I would have a garden, I wouldn't know when to grow a plant and forget to give them water and stuff. I just don't think of it, because their existence isn't very useful to me [exept for the oxygen, OK, fair enough].

There's one but.
I do want to have a garden, 'cuz flowers and plants make me happy.
BUT! They're not functional.
SO I do want to have a vegetable and herb garden.

English gardens are a great example of functional gardening and great architecture, 'cuz herbs and vegetables can be beautiful and stylish, too.
I saw it when I was at an Scotish castle garden previous summer. The castle was also gorgeous and the bird show was impressive. The garden was enormous and there were monster cabbages growing, but oh! how lovely it was!
At the time I was being a teenager and did not like it at all, but looking back on it now: it was so stunningly beautiful! I absolutely dig it. (=
Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of the vegetables, sorry!

The only good pic of [a part of] the veggie garden @ Scotland.

Llov&Peace on earth.

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