Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and if there's some Kind of God, do you think He's pleased.

If I would have a Twitter [on my non-existing iPhone] I would write "OH MY GOD! I JUST SAW ARIE BOOMSMA REAL LIFE!!"

Too bad I'm not much of a tweeter, and I'm not gonna get into it either, but I did see Arie Boomsma in real life. ^^

For all you non-Dutch readers: Arie is a Dutch TV host of the Evangelical Broadcast company and he's HOT!
I ran into him when I walked out of Hilversum Central Station and he walked towards it. To sush all the girls reading my blog and willing to know how Arie really is: he's very tall and yes, he definately looks as good as on telly.

How he really is [like, his personality] I don't know, I didn't speak him, concerning he was going to catch a train and concerning the fact that it must be annoying when people talk to you because your a hot tv host and concerning the fact that I am too fucking scared to do so and didn't know what to say, anyway. But it was cool to see him anyway.

I also thought it was really good that he went by public transport and not in his sportscar that he earned by making three episodes of '40 Dagen zonder seks' [alright, I'm exagarating, I know. But i do have some prejudices about celebs]. He's a good role model. =]

And for all the dutchies: here's a limmerick:

Arie Boomsma ging flink uit de kleren
In de Linda, speciaal voor de heren

Ja, Arie ging loos
Maar de EO werd boos

En willen hem nu opnieuw gaan bekeren

Llov&Peace on earth.

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