Monday, September 28, 2009

if it's Not love..

Wisse & Jirre. <3

dirty weekends bij the sea and Stains on sheets in B&Bs.

I spent this weekend in Zeeland/Sealand. One night in a house at the sea, the other night at my lovely aunt's place. It was the most amazing weekend.
On Saturday we baby sitted my 2 grand-nephews and on Sunday we visited my granny and took my cousin's boat and went sailing, ate ice cream and mussels.
It was a good weekend. I really needed to relax for a bit. Weeks are pretty hectic these days, I think [but hectic in a good way, I just have something to do everyday]..

This was the sunset Friday night. The little boy at the poles and the setting sun made me grap my camera. Then a little dog came and wanted me and Peter to play with him. The first cute Jack Russel I have ever seen.

Saturday morning Peter decided to jump into the frickin' cold water.
Damn, that was brave.

And Zohra was ready for a sunny day! :']

Tomorrow's Reverend & The Makeeeeeeeeeeeers!!! Party, party.
And I'm going to University College to do a bit of research. I'm introduced by Emily and I will be doing two classes: 'Introduction to Philosophy' and 'Political Theory', which I find very interesting.
I'll update you on everything!

Llov&Peace on earth.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

ignore them Orders.

More photography by Jasper, like I promised.
I think he made these pictures on a trip to Rome. The last picture doesn't belong to the series, but was made in Italy, I believe..

6 of the Series 'Rome'.

1 of the Series: 'DiPapa':
More Jasper:

Llov&Peace on earth.

oh my god I can't believe it I've never been this far away from home.

Simply what I was wearing today. Long time no such posts, i know!

Green cardigan - Warehouse/Purple cardigan - WE/tunic - h&m/legging - h&m/Shoes - VanHaren.

By the way, I went running. It was just perfect running weather outside: sunny but with a fine breeze. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you Miss me like a hole in the head.

Since I was born without holes in my ears, I am thinking a lot about getting my ears pierced, lately. I have always done fine without, but how could I, after seeing this lovely pair?

Llov&Peace on earth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we need to raise the Death, we need to raise the people.

I have really been living beneath a stone last year concerning music. Now I finally have the time to catch up with all the musical shizzle and here are my findings and thoughts:

  • Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Though I can't quite remember the name, it is a fucking good album, ro! Really, it is as unbelievably good as their Lowlands Performance.
  • Lily Allen - It's not Me, It's You. Lovely record. She shows a more sensitive side of herself and that's really refreshing, though her 'fuck-the-world-mentality' is still very amusing and [in some songs] cleverly put.
  • Reverend & The Makers - A French Kiss In The Chaos. Don't get me wrong: I have really tried to listen to the record, but it just doesn't catch me..
  • Nina Kinert - Pets and Friends. Thanks Jessica & Astroid for broadening my horizon. Singer-songwriters aren't so bad when they are called Nina Kinert. Lovely album.
  • Pete Doherty - Grace/Wasteland. I haven't really listened carefully to it yet, but it sounds quite good so far.

And some inspiration from me to you.
Sources: Stil in Berlin,

Hmm.., leather jackets. I can't afford one, but I really like them. Certainly along with the checks.

Karla's closet,

Sophisticated and nice. I loooooooove the huuuuuuuge umbrella.


Shoes, skinny's, oversized top, long cardigan, everything. <3


Olsens Anonymous,

Olsen style just rocks. Oversized, long legs, long hair, heels, rocking accessories, lovely bag. I just cannot NOT like it.

Llov&Peace on earth.

japster the Wood worker.

Jasper Timmermans [a timmerman is a wood worker in Dutch ;)] is a photographer to be and who I know via via via and a littlebit direct.
Some of my friends are his better friends and me and Jasper are bumping into each other on parties, festivals and sunny days which we spent mountainboarding [not me though, but my friends and Jasper].
At Appelpop I finally asked him about his photography study [I always forget to ask] and we had a nice chat and he promised to send me a link to his flickr. I got it and today I finally had the time and energy to take a good look at them.

I don't think his pictures are perfect, yet, but they sure are very promising. I really like the subjects that he takes to photograph and the series he makes are very coherent.

I think I will dedicate the upcoming posts to Jasper's photography. I don't want to put them all in one post, 'cuz the series will be a mess then and my blog gets ugly..
That'd suck.

I don't know who these people are, but they look cool, the pictures are beautiful and black and white always scores with me. =']

See more of Jaspers pictures on his flickr:
More of his pics coming up!!

Llov&Peace on earth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and if there's some Kind of God, do you think He's pleased.

If I would have a Twitter [on my non-existing iPhone] I would write "OH MY GOD! I JUST SAW ARIE BOOMSMA REAL LIFE!!"

Too bad I'm not much of a tweeter, and I'm not gonna get into it either, but I did see Arie Boomsma in real life. ^^

For all you non-Dutch readers: Arie is a Dutch TV host of the Evangelical Broadcast company and he's HOT!
I ran into him when I walked out of Hilversum Central Station and he walked towards it. To sush all the girls reading my blog and willing to know how Arie really is: he's very tall and yes, he definately looks as good as on telly.

How he really is [like, his personality] I don't know, I didn't speak him, concerning he was going to catch a train and concerning the fact that it must be annoying when people talk to you because your a hot tv host and concerning the fact that I am too fucking scared to do so and didn't know what to say, anyway. But it was cool to see him anyway.

I also thought it was really good that he went by public transport and not in his sportscar that he earned by making three episodes of '40 Dagen zonder seks' [alright, I'm exagarating, I know. But i do have some prejudices about celebs]. He's a good role model. =]

And for all the dutchies: here's a limmerick:

Arie Boomsma ging flink uit de kleren
In de Linda, speciaal voor de heren

Ja, Arie ging loos
Maar de EO werd boos

En willen hem nu opnieuw gaan bekeren

Llov&Peace on earth.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i am gone.

Good things that happened to me today:
1. I had a nice day at the Orientation Traject.
2. I am invited to the b-day of two of Peter's friends.
3. I won an autographed CD of the Dutch band The Madd.
4. I lost my wallet in the underground today and two hours later I received a phonecall from the traffic police that my wallet was found and returned to them. God bless honest people.

How can I possibly be any luckier??

The Madd - Je Suis Parti.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Monday, September 14, 2009

gold And seaweed.

Thanks for the pictures, Annie!! :D
It's me and Peter and Niels [and Roel, but he isn't in the pictures] at DeWolff concert at Appelpop.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

she's got me Begging on my knees she's got me begging Please.

Hey folks!
I'm pretty tired, so this post isn't going to be a long one.

This weekend I went to Apppelpop. It was great, but the nights were freaking cold!
I went with Peter, Matta, Roel, Niels, Menno, Nicole, Vigo and David and it was goooooood.
I saw Kyteman who was quite OK. It just doesn't really seem to grasp my breath, but it was alright..
I also saw 'The Righteous & the Bad' [link]: nice, and 'the Death Letters' [link]: hard, but alright.
Then on Saturday I saw 'De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig' [link]: aaaaaaaaawesome again, Heideroosjes [link]: fun, DeWolff: FUCKING GREAT!! Niels and I wanted to see them for such a long time, so we were really exited. They were very, very good. Even Peter liked them, which I didn't expect beforehand. At the end of the gig, the singer/guitarist jumped off the stage and into the crowd. That just really hyped their gig up. You could really see the details of his blazer btw, which was gorgeous! Link.

Dewolff @ DWDD.

After DeWolff we ate something and chilled. Peter and I were curious for the Golden Earing, so we went into the tent. Mainly because we were cold, but it was superboring. So we got a hot choc with whipped cream, walked along the market and got a cocktail. With our Mojito and another cocktail with strawberry flavour we danced at 'Babylon Circus'. Their music was cool and the performers were good and funny. They play something I 'd like to describe as punk/ska and French folklore. Listen for yourself: [Link.]

Then it was time to cycle all the way back to our home and it was freaking cold! At home we had a drink and a bite and a laugh and then Peter and I seceded from the party 'cus we were so tired and fell almost imediately asleep. But I think some people partied on 'till the sun woke up again.
It was a very good Appelpop edition this year. Yay!

Btw, I did make some pictures, but I forgot my camera. So the pictures are on my telephone. Perhaps I'll post them. perhaps not. Grin.

Damn, I'm going to bed now! soooooo freaking, freaking tired.

Llov&Peace on earth.

Friday, September 11, 2009

the world is drinking from a cup that No One wants to share.

Today I heard that song 'New York Minute' already twice.
It's annoying and cliché.
But it's righteous, nontheless.. 9/11 is an aweful moment in the world's history and somehow it intrigues me. It's so interesting. I've seen about 2 or 3 documentaries about it now.

Wednesday was '102 minutes that changed America' on the telly. As a documentary it is not very good at all. It doesn't tell or shows us anything new, it doesn't add value to the things we already know or expect like 'Loose Change'* does.
But it's a good piece of film that registrates very well what was happening in New York during 'THE' 102 minutes that changed America [from the first plane crashing into the North Tower to the collapsing of the Nouth Tower, which was first to get destroyed, but collapsed last].
I had never seen all the dust that the collapses caused and that was really new to me. That the streets looked like this:

And the people like this:

But what else should I have expected with clouds of dust and destruction like these:

It sure must have been crazy and terrifying..

And now, without any shame, I'm going to show even more pictures of 9/11. I think the pictures are absolutely gorgeous in itself (!) and very thrilling.

Don't get me wrong, I think the attacks are a very dark thing that happened. But this is just my way to commemorate it.
Thank you very much.

Llov&Peace on earth.
I cannot say it enough today.

*Loose Change is a very left-winged, anti-Bush documentary that suggests that the government under Bush invented and executed the 4 hijacks and plane crashes and therefore is responsible for the death of 2974 innocent people.

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