Sunday, August 16, 2009

we used To vacation.

Gosh, where to start? I have so many pictures to upload from last week.
I think I will consacrate this post to previous weekend which I spent with Peter and his friends in Ommen.
I saw the pictures yesterday for the first time, I didn't make them, so I had to wait for a little while.
But here they are.., FINALLY!

The pictures are made by Stijn, a friend of Peter. The first few pictures were made on Friday and Saturday when I wasn't there. I came to Ommen on Saturday night. Peter picked me up with the car in Zwolle [which ment he had to stay sober until midnight. Girlfriends are cruel..]. So sweet!

These are all pictures from Friday. The information alongside is mine and only reaches as far as the stories that I was told..

One of our lovely, luxurious shanties.

One of the lovely boys who were there. Perhaps the loveliest of them all.

Guitar Gijs.

Haico & Peter jumping style.

I think this was on Saturday..

Guitar on the fire! And that's where I came in.. ^^

Peter was happy he could get wasted.

In the following pictures, I don't really know what happened..

Something with toilet paper..?

Something with me licking Peter's boxers..

Something that looks like rock'n'roll toothbrushing..

Something with tickling and toothbrushes.

So Sunday, we went canoeing. That was nice.
I kissed Gijs in front of Peter. That was funny.
On our way back we were struck by rain. Bugger, but not too bad after all.

I kissed a Gijs and I liked it. =P

After canoeing we had to pass the time, so I slept and other people played poker. Maaike was on the winning hand.

Or smoked..

During dinner...
I'm used to these kind of things, as you can see.

Burned 'beschuitje' looking like a smiley.

Last Friday Peter and I went to 'De Parade' in Amsterdam. I will write my next blog about that litte adventure.. (=

Llov&Peace on earth.