Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i don't always Like when children laugh.

Jessica and Astroid told me a week before Lowlands that Nina Kinert was a good singer. I got her album and indeed: she was freaking good.
So we went to see her on the Lowlands Saturday moring.
Well, I must say it was an amazing performance. At 11.30 Nina was already wide awake and had a throath that smashed the whole India tent.
I couldn't find video's of the performance I saw, but here's a video of a special performance she did for Dutch national telly.

Nina Kinert - Beast.

At her 'big performance' in the India, she performed with two percusionists/drummers and a electric guitarist alongside the girl with the cello/violon [who also played electric bass guitar] that's in the video, too. It was her first performance and she did very, very well.

Now i'm going to get rid of my curly hair and of the banana that erupted in my bag. Grose.

Llov&Peace on earth.