Sunday, August 16, 2009

honey, Baby, dance with me.

Friday Peter and I took the car to Amsterdam. We wanted to go to 'De Parade'. De Parade is a Dutch theatre festival with a very excentric atmosphere. It's really good. I had been there twice before and I have always enjoyed it!
So what Peter and I did was really, fucking clever [my dad suggested it to us, however].
We brought our bicycles and parked the car in Diemen. We cycled to my uncle in Amsterdam to drop off our sleeping stuff. Then we cycled to the Martin Luther Kingpark to puchase our tickets for the theatre shows at de Parade.
Cycling in Amsterdam is great! It became a small town at once. Everything is so easy to reach and you are everywhere so fast. Loved it!
After we purchased tickets we went to the centre of Amsterdam, ate a sandwich before the AH behind the Palace on the Dam Square. Then we walked over the Dam and through the Red Light District.
Actually, we just wondered around a little bit, something we both love.
Then we had dinner at the Burger King and headed to the Parade festival again.
It's hard to describe the shows we saw.. It's hard to explain theatre without harming the pieces of art, so I won't say anyting about them, except that we saw 'AAP', 'Kijkshock' and 'Ballet voor Dikke Jongens' and they were absolutely great!

For the rest I hope I will give you a propper impression of how the atmosphere was on the festival site, 'cuz I think it's quite unique.

It was very, very busy. We had to queue pretty long before we could enter the site. So we just made pictures to pass the time.

As I said, it was busy at the Parade. Here is what it sort of looks like..
The sunset provided a lovely glow, by the way.

Sponsored by Brand beer.

Wrecked technological thingies/art.

Me + hat+ tickets.
The following pictures are more impressions of the festival.

i heart.


Cocktail car. =D

Silent disco fools.

Llov&Peace on earth.