Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I love these. What do I love about 'em?

She just looks cute over all. Her outfit is a bit plain [boring perhaps],
but her hair is a lovely colour of blonde and she looks cute.

Colors and glitters! AND a skull scarf AND a head band AND black tights.
Some of my overall faves.

I just love the 'fuck the world' attitude of this outfit.
The glasses are the absolute finishing touch.

This is how I like MK.
The over-oversized sweater, tucked into her pants and finished it off with the belt.
Cool, cool, COOL!
I'm still in search for a sweater like that. I saw one in London, but way to expensive.

I am a danger for any scarf in my neighbourhood. I'll just kidnap it right away.

I MUST have a scarf like this one: big and with ruffles.
Overall outfit is cool: semi-skinny jeans with cowboyish boots and a black jacket.

It's not really my style [exept for the black tights and the BF Blazer], but I love the dress though.
So doll-ish and perfect.

MK [left]: I don't like her outfit very much this time.. [Often I do]
Ashley [right] looks great! I love the black and white match and
I have an absolute weakness for
the combination of loose shirts & waistcoats. Adorable!

Good night for now!

Llov&Peace on earth.