Friday, July 17, 2009

london Loves. day TWO.

Day two of the London diary 2009.

We were up late and headed to the St. Paul's Cathedral. Peter and I wanted to go in, but the bastards wanted money.. And poor as we are and surprised as we were, we decided just not to go in.
The outside was adorable either, though..

St. Paul's survived the WW2 bombings. Now it's the London symbol for 'life'.

We found Millenium Bridge and walked across the Thames towards Tate Modern. At the end we made a picture of North London with St. Paul's obviously in the skyline.

Millenium Bridge. St. Paul's in the middle. Tate Modern behind me.

Tate modern was a lovely building. The former Bankside Power Station location was magically transformed into a gallery with a lot of modern art. I looked really great, inside and outside.

Turbine Hall @ Tate M.

After being inside for quite some hours, Peter and I wanted to spend some time outside, but when it started raining and thundering, we decided that it would be better to visit yet another museum. On our way we had to change tubes at Westminster station, what was an incredible station. Don't have pictures of it, but it was all grey [but not depressing] and with all the gas and air tubes visible and really long escalators! Amazing!

Anyway, we went to the Science Museum to watch an IMAX 3D movie about sea dinosaurs. It was a pretty crappy plot, but the special [3D] effects were terrifying! Omg, I was so scared!
After the movie and a little walk through old [real] airplanes, we went for a bite at China Town and then we walked from the London Bridge..

View near London Bridge on Tower Bridge.

Wearing: Warehouse cardigan [originally a sweater], Zara dress, Vans shoes.

over the Queen's Path [along the Thames] alongside the City Hall. A weird building, but very beautiful..

City Hall.

Peter adores. :)

past the Tower Bridge [TB]. We found a narrow alley...

...that lead to a "beach". It was a small beach made from all rocks that lead us underneath the Tower Bridge. The following day we learned that it was called 'Tower Beach' back in the ol' days.

Anyway, it was so magical there, under the TB, with the sunset and all the lights that lit the bridge. Check out the pictures.

We went through the small alley again and walked atop the Tower Bridge. The city and the river look beautiful at night. It really was an awesome walk.

Twighlight zone.

City hall at night.

The red stripe is London Bridge.

Tower of London at night. Dildo in the background.

After a long walk over the Tower Bridge we walked around the Tower of London which was lit up beautifully as you can see in the above picture.

Llov&Peace on earth.