Monday, July 20, 2009

london Loves. day THREE.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Peter has been over for two nights, so no posts then. I hope to finish the London loves experience in one or two days.


Peter woke up with a pain in his neck, which was a bit unfortunate, but we decided to just go with the flow and wait and see what we could do and what we couldn't.
We decided to make a careful start by going to the British Museum.

It is located in a gorgeous building, especially the main hall is flabbergasting. I knew it from 'the pictures' [ye know, in magazines], but it was really impressive to see it real life.

We saw a lot in the British Museum: Egyptian 'treasures' [swag], a temple wall from Mesopotamiƫ [Iraque], antique clocks, alarm clocks and watches and old English stuff from back in the Roman and Norman days, though we only saw a fraction of it.

Statue of Ramses II. Stolen. Of course.

After the British Museum we wanted to see inside the Tower of London. I had been there three years ago with school and thought it was beautiful to see, but the admission fee was fucking £17!! Fucking cunts.
Change of plans: we went to the Tower Bridge to pay it a visit. There was a nice museum within it and the admission fee was actually reasonably prised! :D
We had to walk up the North Tower, where we were showed a short movie about the realization of the Bridge. Then we walked up the West footbridge, towards the South Tower where we were shown another movie about the Bridge's history. Nice, nice, nice.

Peter in the West footbridge.
The following pictures are also made on that same bridge.

In the East footbridge they showed us boards with a lot of information about bridges in general, about London and about the Tower Bridge. Like.., duh.

Poem by William Wordsworth, about the Thames.

Of course on both West and East foodbridges, we had an terrific view!

Panoramas made by Peter.

From the South Tower we walked down to the streets and towards the engine room, where the Victorian hydrolic engines were still remaining [nowadays the Bridge is opened with Electric engines] for public. It were some very impressive works of steel.

View when walking down the South Tower.

Hydrolic Engines.

After the Tower Bridge we continued our journey to the parliament, but it was already late and we were hungry, so we just decided to walk by quickly and then go somewhere to eat.
After dinner, we were so tired and we went to our hostel and went to sleep. Sorry, no juicy stories..!

Btw, this so besides the point, but I'm planning on buying these shoes.
If I can find them anywhere in NL, anyway.

Source: Imageshack.

Vans Era lufs.

Llov&Peace on earth.