Thursday, July 16, 2009

london Loves. day ONE.

So, OK. I'm gonna put my pics I made in London on the World Wide Web.
I'm gonna do it in tracks, day by day, because I hate how long I have to wait till all the pictures are uploaded!

Aight, day ONE:

Peter was awake very early and waited 'till I was awake and at 8.00 AM we left our soft and warm double bed to get fresh, to get dressed and to get out.
We bought breakfast at the Morrisons' and ate it under the roof, because it was raining. Pitty, pitty.

Peter drinking semi-skimmed milk & wet pigeons.

It was about 11 when we hit 'The City'. We walked through Regent's street and visited major toy shop Hamley's. Then we hid for the rain at Starbucks.




When the air cleared, we hit the streets again and walked to Picadilly Circus where Peter held a "balloon". Bad joke. We know. The worst: it didn't come out well. -_-'

Next was Trafalgar Square. I took some pictures of the square and its fountain [I was kind of obsessed with it..] and then we went to the National Gallery.

Admission FREE. That's how we like it. :D

After an overdose of art at the Nat. Gallery we searched for rest in St. James Park. When Peter was there in November, it was crowded with squirrels. But when we were there, we saw none, zero, nil. Pitty. The park was lovely anyway.

From St. James Park, we went to Green Park..

It's not like it's gonna fall twice..

And from Green Park we went to Harrods. Which is an amazing building. The Egyptian Escalators are incredibly kitch, but very impressive though..
The Foodhall is also lovely: all the finest food of the world together in a beautiful hall made of 100% Mosaic.
I didn't take pictures of it [but you should google it, it's really good, both the Foodhall and the Egyptian Escalators], 'cuz I was afraid some bouncer would bounce me out. Me so pussy.
Here's a picture of the outside though, which is gorgeous as well.

After Harrods we went to our destiny we originally intended to go to: Hyde Park [we went to Harrods 'cuz I had to pee]. It was quite a bummer, 'cuz almost all the grass was brownish and not so fresh.
What was very cool, was that it started raining really hard and we found shelter underneath a huge tree.
Ain't no rain like British rain! ^^

When the rain started to become less, we grabbed our stuff together and took an underground to Camden Market. We wanted to go to SoHo to compare it to the Dutch Red Light District, but we walked the wrong way. Eventually we came out at Waterloo Bridge. I made a nice sky line picture with some London main attractions on it.

Millenium Wheel/London Eye & the Parliament with her Big Ben.

We decided to walk back and finally we reached SoHo where we found a pub to grab a bite.

One pint of Lager.

Half a pint in a Long Drink glass. xD

We walked through SoHo a little and then went to our hostel in Acton to curl up next to each other and to fall sound asleep.
This was our view at night. A typical English street.

Yeah, we sure did hell of a lot on our first day!

Llov&Peace on earth.

P.S. SoHo is nothing compared to our Red Light District. It's a very pleasant quarter, though. (: