Tuesday, July 21, 2009

london Loves. day FOUR.

I'm almost done, guys. Two day to go for the London Loves experience '09 [actually 1,5 day]. I hope you're still enjoying it.

london Loves, day FOUR.

We woke up, of course, we bought breakfast, lunch and Maoam at Morrison's, tow Day Tickets, zones 1 and 2 at an Indian shop and hopped on the bus and into the underground.
We wanted to see Westminster Abbey from inside, but we were brutaly disapointed by the admission fee. Apparently museums are free in London, but for churches and other historic buildings you have to get a second mortgage to be able to see a glimpse of the inside. Freaking motherfuckers.

Here's a random thought: The head of the English churches is Her Majesty the Queen [Lizzy II], but the museums get the Government's allowances and visitors have to pay to see the Enlish houses of God.

On the other side, admission for churches = free museums. And that's a good thing, because the English people have free entrance to art and culture education. And the tourists, too!
Gee! This is why I'm bad at debating..
It just sucks, because I am [almost] a student with a lack of money and a love for beautiful, old churches/cathedrals/abbeys.

Anyway, we got to see the outside of the Abbey, which is gorgeous already [and the reason I want to get in] and Big Bennie and the Palace of Westminster [Houses of the Parliament] is just within a stone's throw of Westminster Abbey, so we sight-saw that, too.
The Parliament and Westminster Abbey are both lovely pieces of [neo-] Gothic architecture.

Ben & Ben. :D

Ben & Bobbies.

Ben & Peter.

We went on to the Natural History Museum: a museum packed with dinosaur bones and complete skeletons and prepared mammals all together in a terrific looking, enormous [monstrous] building!

Not my picture.Just wanted to show you how huge it was.

We went to see the dinosaur department [where they had actors [dinosaurs] from the Jurrasic Park movie] and the mammals department. It almost was like we were in a Zoo, exept the animals were pretty dead.. On our way to the loo we also saw a skeleton of a boa constrictor. Damn, that was impressive: all those bones! Astonishing! :|

T-Rex from Jurassic Park.


After the NHM, we went shopping. 'Cuz I really wanted to see Primark's, Next's and Topshop's interior and of course their clothes. I bought a pair of jeans I had been looking for for ages: light blue, slim jeans with cuts in it. At the cash desk it turned out it was cheaper than what was on the price tag! :D I also bought a checkered blouse with rolled up sleeves and funny looking, mint blue socks with cute cup cakes on it!

We ate something at a Indian restaurant, which was really, really good! After dinner, we went for a walk through Green Park and St. James Park and finally! There were squirrels! A lot of squirrels! So cute!

That's Peter's hand. :D

Then we went to sleep.

Llov&Peace on earth.