Saturday, July 25, 2009

london Loves. day FIVE.

Last, but not least. Day FIVE of the London Loves experience.

We didn't have much time. We woke up not really late, but not early either. We had to pack our bag, purchase day tickets and supermarket souvenirs [i love food from abroad. It's just different and that's fun! And my mum wanted me to get some English soups] and breakfast and lunch again, so I thought we would waste our morning a little bit, cuz we had to get the 'EasyBus' at 13.30.. But at the end it turned out better than I expected and we had plenty of time to wonder around in Regent's Park.

And that's what we basically did. xD Regent's Park is a lovely park, though. I could have spent hours there! Lakes, bridges, herons, gooses, boats, flowers, looooooots of grass, sun, rose gardens. It was lovely. Regent's Park is a typical Romantic park, in both meanings of the word: romantic as in 'love' and romantic as the time and art movement with all the flowers and statues and weeping willows.

Check me pics:

Weehoo! I'm off to have a driving lesson!

Llov&Peace on earth.